Embassy Security Guard S2 (09/19 KRT)

at Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Location Khartoum, Sudan
Date Posted January 10, 2020
Category Security
Job Type Full-time
Currency SDG


Job Category

Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Operations and Corporate Services)
Job Subcategory

Job Description (Roles and Responsibilities)

Main purpose of job:

Providing security guarding service to ensure the safety and security of Embassy staff members, visitors, customers, and contractors as well as protecting all properties within Embassy/Residence premises. Remaining alert and vigilant and pro-actively responding to incidents and emergencies in accordance the established security instructions and procedures.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Providing efficient proactive and responsive physical security and access control that will enhance safe and secure working environment for Embassy staff, visitors, and contractors by effectively discharging security guarding duties, responsibilities, and obligations according to the Embassy’s:

- Post Security Regulations Part I (PSRs I)

- “Security Guarding Assignment Instructions”

- Specific operational and procedural requirements of the monthly roster, locations, as well as various security equipment and systemic installations.

  • Controlling access and egress of people, vehicles, and properties to and from the Embassy/Residence premises with

- Effective operation of manual and electro-magnetic gates, barriers, road-blockers

- Professional security search

- Issuance and collection of appropriate pass badges

- Effective handling of controlled items

- The right responses to access codewords and signals

- Proper recording in the occurrence and visitor books

- High skills of customer care

  • Controlling and ensuring that removal of any property from the Embassy premises is authorised.
  • Being alert and vigilant at all times to

- Effectively respond to fire, bomb, and incident alarms

- Provide efficient and effective security guarding service

- Swiftly detect , report, and respond to possible threats to life and property

- Pro-actively respond to security emergencies

  • Monitoring CCTV outputs with diligent observation and use of the still and rotating images as well as the interactive and plan screens.
  • Ensuring sustained radio communication while on duty with quick professional responses to calls and conducting “radio check” calls with other locations and staff members in accordance to the relevant procedural guide and instruction.
  • Conducting patrols within and around the Embassy/Residence premises using the appropriate electronic devices and check points with matching accurate recordings in the occurrence book.
  • Reporting unfolding events, situations, and incidents that are relevant to the safety of Embassy staff members, visitors, customers, and contractors.
  • Following up, printing out, and forwarding to gate guards e-mail notifications of expected visitors and collating guest lists in word or excel format when required.
  • Working as security receptionist whenever required
  • Covering leaves and absences of residential security guards whenever needed.
  • Immediately reporting and acting according to standing instructions in case of:

- Incidents such as encountering intruder and fire

- Coming across suspicious objects

- Noticing suspicious behaviour

- Seeing irregularities, dysfunctional or damaged equipment, property and facilities

- Finding potential safety hazards such as exposed electrical cables and uncovered manholes or wastage of resource such as water coming out of broken pipe

  • Supervising contractors out of hours and at any other time when required
  • Playing active roles in securing social events of the Embassy/DFID in accordance to the assignment provided by the Event Management Scheme and plan.
  • Working with colleagues cooperatively with high sense of responsibility, integrity, respect, and full spirit of teamwork.
  • As frontline officer committed to uphold the Embassy’s prestige, image and reputation by professional dealing with staff, visitor, and guests and maintaining a first class appearance.
  • Making continuous effort to learn and develop oneself as well as to keep on raising the level of one’s security awareness, knowledge, and skills.
  • Strictly following the line of contact according to the line management structure of the Security Section
  • Carrying out other relevant tasks deemed necessary by the Security Management
Essential qualifications, skills and experience

  • Two years' experience
  • Good level of knowledge and skills in the use of security equipment & radio communication
Desirable qualifications, skills and experience

  • Good level of IT and driving skills
Required competencies

Making Effective Decisions, Leading and Communicating, Collaborating and Partnering, Delivering at Pace
Application deadline

Application deadline - day

Application deadline - month

Application deadline - year

13 January 2020

Type of Position



Location (City)

Type of Post

British Embassy
Number of vacancies

Starting monthly salary ()

USD 354.00
Start Date

Start Date - day

Start Date - month

Start Date - year

2 March 2020
Other benefits and conditions of employment

  • In the run up to start of the job the employee will attend intensive induction and basic training courses including presentations on:

- The Terms and Conditions of Services (TACOS)

- The structure of the Security System of the Post & its regulations

- The Standing Embassy Security Guarding Instructions

- Essentials of Radio operation and communication

- The annual Staff Performance Appraisal Process

  • During the term of employment each Embassy Security Guard:

- Will complete online the 5 mandatory training course

- Will have the opportunity to attend several training course including:

- FCO’s 12-Lesson Training on Security Guarding

- Fire Fighting awareness and skills

- General Health and Safety

- Basics of CCTV utility and operation

- Essence and procedures of Electronic Patrolling System

- Staff Performance Appraisal

  • Our Post has also completed the preliminary arrangements to enable every Embassy security guard pursue unlimited personal development by accessing the online Global Knowledge Opportunity (GLO)
Additional information

Working patterns:

  • The job requires physical presence of security guard 24/7 on the ground in accordance a set shift pattern of 2 morning, 2 afternoon, 2 night shifts and 2 off-days - each shift being 8 hours.
  • However, in the rare case of general external crisis that might lead to shortage and difficulty of public transportation, the roster may be temporarily adjusted to accommodate a pattern of one day shift, one night shift followed by 2 days of rest – each shift being 12 hours. In this arrangement a guard works only 15 or 16 days per month. Therefore, the conditioned 8 working hours per shift are properly compensated.

Any other information (or specific local Post requirements):

  • An applicant must have valid residence and work permit in Khartoum, Sudan
  • The successful candidate has to undergo local security background check before assuming the post
  • Monthly salary is paid through the Bank. So an employee is required to open a bank account, if s/he had not already had one
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